Pushpak takes its drive for space management and durability to working and living spaces. We specialise in mass production of high-quality industrial and office furniture, made in our high-end manufacturing facility spread over 1 lakh sq.ft in Bididi Industrial area. We are powered with German & Japanese technology machines, in our endeavour to produce world-class products.

Depending on the customer need, the production material we use range from Metal, Special metals, Alloys, Wood, processed Wood, plastic, new-age materials or even custom.

  • Industrial

    For over two decades, we have been known to make products that are durable and that can sustain under tough conditions. Hence many of the clients choose Pushpak to better their working industrial environment to match international standards. Modernise the shop floors with work benches, assembly inspection tables, storages, cabinets and more.

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  • Corporate

    We design and manufacture corporate furniture, that deliver a work-friendly experience. Some of our products include Industrial and office seating system, workstations, desking systems, pedestals, storage and filing racks, special purpose furniture and more

  • Institutional

    We make furniture that is affordable and long lasting. We provide for schools, colleges, training centres, libraries, auditoriums, hostels, banks and more.

  • Commercial

    With public usage comes the uncompromising need for convenience and durability. We provide seating and tabling system for malls, restaurants, cafeterias, parks and more.

  • Retail

    Make your store, stylish and strong with our racking system for hypermarkets, display system for showrooms, seating system for cafeterias, custom built kiosks and more.

  • Domestic

    Beautiful, space-saving home furniture that delivers to different tastes and budgets. Our range includes kitchen modules, wall sliding beds, foldable dining tables, contemporary living room sofas, or even go custom.

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  • Coir-based Furniture Products

    Coir based products are versatile, tough and durable. They are perfect for furniture, and come in different sizes and shapes. Pushpak has an MOU with the coir board and Innovative composite technology park, in accordance to promote green products.

The benefits of coir are many:

  • Moth-proof; resistant to fungi and rot
  • Provides excellent insulation against temperature and sound
  • Not easily combustible
  • Flame-retardant
  • Unaffected by moisture and dampness
  • Tough and durable
  • Resilient; springs back to shape even after constant use
  • Totally static free
  • Easy to clean